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Friday Tunes: Underrated bands

April 4, 2008 4:32 am

Every friday, I’m going to take it upon myself to plonk some happy Friday tunes on here for your delectation, plus it also cheers me up a bit too.

Today I’ll give you some prime slices of two of the most underrated bands of all time.



Buy Monkees CD’s!

If anyone ever says to you, “Oh, The Monkees were a bit of a joke, weren’t they”, you know they are a fool and you should cease all contact with them immediately before stabbing them in the ears, cos they obviously don’t use them properly.

The Monkees have had a rough ride over the years. Yes, they were a manufactured band designed to cash in on The Beatles. So were most bands in the early to mid 60s.

They were completely aware of what they were, but that didn’t stop them wanting to break free of their shackles and go out on their own. As a guide a good Monkees song is one sung by Mickey Dolenz. Everyone knows ‘The Monkees Theme’ and ‘I’m a Believer’. They are great, classic pop tunes. But the Dolenz stuff seems to edging into slightly darker territory.

Things like ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ and ‘Last train to Clarksville’ are amongst some of the some best tunes to come out of the 60s.

Check out these two lesser-known tunes and see what you think.

The Monkees – Words

The Monkees – Goin Down



Buy XTC CDs!

Quite simply one of the best bands Swindon EVER produced (and that’s some endorsement) XTC were never huge, but their legacy can still be heard 30 years on in bands like The Kaiser Chiefs and The Futureheads.

Blur were probably the first band to openly appreciate the influence (even getting Andy partridge to co-produce their best album Modern Life is Rubbish).

Many of their tunes sound like they could have come out in the last couple of years. Whether this means they still sound amazingly fresh, or because so many people have copied their style, I’m not sure. But the music is still corking!

You all know ‘Making Plans for Nigel’ and ‘Senses Working Overtime’, so here’s a couple you may not know.

XTC – Science Friction

XTC – No Thugs In Our House

XTC – The Mayor of Simpleton

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