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Friday Tunes: The Scaramanga Lounge

April 11, 2008 6:25 am

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A wierd thing happened a while back (about 1996 or so). Lounge Music became trendy. Everyone was suddenly declaring their undying love for all things Andy Wiiliams and such like.

I was annoyed because I’d always loved Lounge Music, even though i wasn’t entirely sure what it was. As a kid I always loved the music they used to play over Ceefax or the Test card (there are websites for this kind of thing if you so wish such as The Test card Circle).

 Anyhoo, Lounge is very hard to define. It can include jazz, funk, easy listening or rock, and in essence is a bit of a shit label.

I’ve got my own ideas of what constitutes Lounge, and that would include people like Syd Dale, who’s ubiquitous Penthouse Suite has become a kind of Lounge Anthem (it was the theme to Tarrant on TV, and Father Ted used it for Pat Mustard), Alan Hawkshaw (the Milk Tray advert) and Ray Davies (not that Ray Davies).

So I present here a few choice selections from my Lounge Collection. I’m sure I’ll dip into this particular fondue again soon…

Herbie Flint – Our Man Flint

Cal Tjander – Gimme Shelter

Big Boss Man – Sea Groove

Syd Dale – The Penthouse Suite

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