I’m just a boy sitting in front of a computer asking the world to like his designs.

Seriously, this is just me. After years of being a designer for other people, a stint as a stay-at-home Dad, and a spell back in retail I decided to go out in the world, on my own, and see what happens.

The point of Joe Scaramanga is for me to try and make the t-shirts I always wanted and could never find. I don’t want people wearing the same cookie-cutter designs you buy everywhere else. I want every design I create to be unique, to be eye-catching, and to make people look at the lucky person wearing it and think “where can I get a shirt like that?”.

My designs are not for everyone. If you want a Batman logo, or a Minnie Mouse design, I’m afraid you are out of luck. If you want a t-shirt celebrating obscure VHS labels of the 80s, or a unique design based on your favourite movie dialogue, then you may have more luck here than certain other t-shirt emporiums.

At the end of the day, I’m just trying to sell things I like and hopefully a few other people do too.